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Artist Block

Hello All!

Well as you can probably tell i have no idea what to do at the moment. I seem to always get to a point in my work where i need to take time out step back and figure out what to do next so i thought by coming on here and writing down some thoughts it might help spur my creative ideas on! So this is what i have done recently…I have been working on my print designs as i have my print induction next week, they are looking really good and if anything i may have too many patterns and ideas. My problem is knowing where to take these vast amount of patterns and ideas. I need a plan! When it gets to producing a ‘product’ or a ‘final piece’ as such i freeze and shut down. I think in fear of not creating something totally perfect and wonderful i manage to create …nothing. But this im determined is not going to happen i am spending my wonderful day off tomorrow starting some serious design development. I will determine:

1.) What the product is?

2.) A vague idea of design and colour.

3.) A marketing plan.

4.) A printing and time plan.

A lot of tea and cake may be necessary!

So here are a few images of what i have been doing in the mean time the patterns i have come up with and please feel free to comment or pass on any inspirational thoughts you may have!


Printing and Colour Ideas

Close up of Print Pattern

Playing with scale and colour

Repeat Pattern

Family Tree Text: How can i incorporate this into my work i wonder...


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